Speakers 2021

The speakers at the premiere of Qt Embedded Days 2021

“Containerize your Qt embedded application”

by Valter Minute, Toradex

“Dealing with physical units in modern C++”

by Nikola Jelić, Zuehlke

“Demystifying C++ for C embedded developers”

by Giuseppe D’Angelo, KDAB

“How to Set Up QtCreator for Cross-Compilation with CMake in 5 Minutes”

by Burkhard Stubert

“Designing UI’s for Embedded Devices, in 3.5 “simple” steps.”

by Nuno Pinheiro, KDAB

“Get inspired by web development – A story based on the example of the Flux pattern”

by Marius Meisenzahl, Semasquare GmbH

“Hands-On: The easiest way to set up a development environment and build a modern UI for Raspberry Pi”

by Filippo Scognamiglio, FELGO

“Creating Automated GUI Tests for Embedded Applications”

by Tomasz Pawlowski, Froglogic

“Maps, Routing and Navigation with QML”

by Justin Marina, General Magic

“Simulator Training for Hardware Pilots – Case Study: simulating CAN-Bus attached hardware”

by Alexander Trica, DATA MODUL & Kevin Krammer, KDAB

“What does reliability mean to you?”

Sami Kassimäki, Tuxera

“What to Do When It Is Already Too Late? – Crash Dumps in Embedded Projects.”

by Christoph Sterz, KDAB