“What to Do When It Is Already Too Late? – Crash Dumps in Embedded Projects.”

by Christoph Sterz


Programs crash. So far, so well-known. But how can we learn from our mistakes and use the Errors to learn and improve?

In my talk, I will give a short overview of what is still possible when an application crashes. The talk will be custom-tailored to the case of Embedded Devices. Here, I explain traditional signal handlers, dumps, debugging, and show how we use a combination of Yocto, Google Breakpad, and Sentry to produce, enhance, and collect crash information to our needs.

About the speaker

Christoph Sterz KDABChristoph Sterz, Senior Software Developer at KDAB

Christoph has been developing with C++ for over 15 years, and Qt for the last 7. A contributor to Gammaray, KDAB’s in-depth Qt-Analysis-Tool, Christoph specializes in performance optimization for embedded systems – from Industrial Automation to Automotive In-Car Entertainment Systems – and has consulted large software teams on Qt/QML.

He has published on Human-Computer-Interaction, Distributed Systems, and IT-Security and was awarded an M.Sc. in IT-Systems Engineering with distinction.


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