“Hands-On: The easiest way to set up a development environment and build a modern UI for Raspberry Pi”

by Filippo Scognamiglio


Life as an engineer from the outside looks easy nowadays:

Grab a laptop, download a development framework, set up a target device, and get productive. But it’s not that simple, actually: large downloads, unresolved dependencies, or incompatible toolchains and sysroot kits. All of those make the traditional way of building software cumbersome.

But does it need to be that hard?

This talk is about an experiment: Is it possible to build, deploy and run a modern UI for a Raspberry Pi, all within your favorite browser, without installing any SDKs? And all set up in less than 10 minutes? Join our talk to find out and see how you can use the introduced tools within your daily development workflow.

About the speaker

Filippo Scognamiglio, Software Engineer at Felgo

Filippo is a senior software engineer at Felgo. He was born and raised in Pavia, Italy, where he also studied Computer Engineering.

He has been an Android developer for a few years. Still, Filippo’s not-so-secret love for Qt/QML finally brought him to join Felgo to create amazing apps with Qt/QML.

Filippo is a strong believer in open-source. He worked with Qt on Ubuntu Touch (when it was still a thing) and developed cool-retro-term and Lemuroid as pet projects, as well as many other projects.


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