“Get inspired by web development – A story based on the example of the Flux pattern”

by Marius Meisenzahl


Development in the web world is progressing at lightning speed. It feels like a new JavaScript framework is released every day. With this enormous mass of new ideas, there are certainly features that you would like to use in embedded development.

So why not get inspired and tailor ideas to your own needs?

This talk presents how to take this step using the Flux architecture pattern as an example.

About the speaker

Marius Meisenzahl semasquareMarius Meisenzahl, managing partner of semasquare GmbH, a company based in Bochum that develops HMIs and web applications for its customers.

He deals with the implementation of scalable architectures from embedded systems to cloud platforms.

In his spare time, he contributes to the development of the open source operating system elementary OS and other Linux related open source projects.


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