“Creating Automated GUI Tests for Embedded Applications”

by Tomasz Pawlowski


There’s an ever increasing amount of computing power available in embedded devices. With a technology as powerful as Qt at hand, development teams around the globe are making good use of this power, creating beautiful and intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) which expose a lot of functionality.

However, this brings new challenges: to stay competitive and meet customer demand, you need to make sure that the user interface actually looks and behaves as intended.

In this talk, we will present a proven approach to creating fully automated, robust, and maintainable GUI tests for Qt applications running on embedded devices. An ARM iMX6 based device running a Qt-based GUI will be used to demonstrate how the Squish GUI Tester tool can be used to develop automated GUI tests. A few test cases will be created live and we will demonstrate how the novel Remote Control and Remote System functionalities can be used to interact with target devices that are not in the same physical location as your test development setup.

About the speaker

Tomasz Pawlowski FroglogicTomasz Pawlowski started his adventure with Squish and GUI testing in 2011, designing and implementing automated tests for a Flight Planning solution. In 2014 he joined froglogic and has been conducting Squish trainings and consulting for many companies in Europe, India, and in the US.

Additionally, he works on maintaining Squish integrations. Tomasz has a Master’s degree in computer science.


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