“Containerize your Qt embedded application”

by Valter Minute


Containers are a well-established technology for server and cloud development, but could they be used also for embedded devices? What challenges do developers face trying to run a rich graphical interface from a “sandboxed” container?

In this session, we will see the benefit of container usage on devices and how to dig the right holes in your sandbox to have first-class graphical applications running using this model.

About the speaker

Valter Minute ToradexValter Minute, Sr. Software Engineer, Toradex

Located in Switzerland, Valter has been working on embedded devices for several years and was a Microsoft MVP for over 10 years. He develops drivers and BSP but also likes to experiment on the Internet of Things. He is a trainer and has also given multiple technical talks about IoT, he has even authored a book on the Raspberry Pi.


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