Call for Papers

The call for papers is now closed. Thank you for all the submissions.

Call for Talks, What are we looking for?

Qt Embedded days is a technical event. As such we are looking for interesting and technically deep talks regarding all topics around Embedded Development.

Topics for Talks

This can be directly related to Qt on Embedded Devices itself, touching areas like

  • UI, rendering and graphics reaching from low-end, robust UIs to sophisticated 3D-Interactions
  • Migrations, Qt-Versions and Change Management
  • Testing Qt applications on embedded devices
  • Best practices, project diaries and post-mortems from your projects
  • New technologies and concepts on the horizon

We are happy to share experiences about the overall Embedded Project Lifecycle as well:

  • Preparing the Platform: Choice of Hardware, OSes and OS-Builders (such as Buildroot and Yocto), Containers, Platform Architecture Trends
  • Maintenance: platform lifecycle, safe and secure updates, (remote) service access, …
  • Testing: cross-platform testing, simulating hardware in CI environments, (automated) testing on devices, …
  • Performance in boot and runtime situations, system- and program-scope-analysis
  • As well as again, diaries of your journey in the Embedded Project Development

If you cannot find your topic up there, don’t worry. Just submit and we do our best to fit you in!

We encourage you to share, among your successes also bad experiences and wrong decisions. Not only talking about our achievements but also our mistakes can make us grow and learn!


Presentations are 40-45 minutes long, followed by 5-10 minutes for Q&A, for a total of 55 minutes maximum. Due to the virtual nature of the event, we will be enforcing these limits, so please rehearse your presentation to be sure it fits the time frame. Although we prefer live talks, you can also pre-record your talk, submit a video file and participate live for the Q&A.

Each presentation will be live streamed and recorded. The video recording will be redistributed freely (on multiple video hosting platforms). Successful applicants will be contacted about the technical arrangements and asked to send a photograph and bio.


Due to at least part of the session being live streamed, we require the speaker to have a proper network connection, audio, and video equipment. Should you need help with any of this, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

The call for papers is now closed. Thank you for all the submissions.